Yesterday morning, I beat the sun up, and not by a little, by a couple hours. I made the conscious choice of working hard cleaning up our apartment and spending quality time with my girl on Sunday, but that meant getting up at 3am Monday morning for a 6 hour drive to Burlington, VT for work travel.

To me, the thought of leaving a messy apartment out weighed the need to leave a day early, spend money on a hotel, get a decent but not a good nights sleep, and not to forget missing out on some much needed conversation.

There come times in our lives when we have a choice, to do something the night before, or to get up early and do it the next morning. I have almost exclusively chosen the latter through my years. There were countless early mornings stuffing my robe at the bottom of my bedroom door so that light wouldn’t creep out while I finished my algebra homework. Or large papers due in college that we’re mostly written the morning of.

I’m not saying this is the best way to handle life, or that procrastination pays off. It mostly doesn’t. In fact, I think I still owe half of my algebra homework from 8th grade because I didn’t finish it.
However, something about jumping out of bed when that first alarm goes off, knowing I can’t go back to bed, grabbing a quick shower and starting my day, no matter how early, is invigorating. I get so much more done when I get up earlier than when I stay up late.

Too many distractions take over late at night, and you’d be surprised at how few people are awake, how few good shows are on tv, or how little activity is on the streets to distract your early morning run.

Keep those in mind when you have to make that decision. You will either choose to stay up late and finish or travel, or get a few precious hours of sleep, wake up and be roaring to go. Just take a second to watch that sun actually rise. It’s the second most beautiful sight, only to a sunset in my mind.

Question: When do you do your last minute work? At night? In the morning? Never do it or never have it?

Why Sometimes You Have to Beat the Sun Up

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4 thoughts on “Why Sometimes You Have to Beat the Sun Up

  1. when i was younger, everything was last minute..but not on i see the benefits of sitting back, taking a minute to think out the next step and then strolling into a course of action..enjoying the moments and the outcomes as they occur..great post :~)

    1. Thanks so much for the comment. Just as you said, I find it so much better now taking the extra time and steps to plan out a course of action, which ends up helping me enjoy life with just a little less stress. Hope you enjoy the blog!

  2. Hmmm… Even though the bathrobe under the door trick may have been a good one, I’m sure there is still some homework assignments under the table in the living room. You always managed to get it done, even under pressure. Learning is a process. Even if it is Baptism by Fire!

    1. Don’t worry mom, I will make sure to complete all of my homework for my upcoming MBA program well before it is due. No more hiding homework awaiting the dreaded back-pack check!

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