I found out this past weekend that I had a membership to Amazon Prime that I had no clue of. I found this out when they took $39.00 for a student membership out of my account, but hey, half price for a wonderful service I’ve been meaning to get into for a while is worth it. Once I figured out that I had the account, I knew that I could get one book a month for free as a rental, and could watch anything on their movie/tv channel that was prime associated for free.

I have been reading a ton of leadership, financial management, business and blogging information for the past year or so, and have not taken the time myself to have a “fun read.” I used to read fiction books all of the time, and just enjoy reading a good book that wasn’t trying to give me more helpful information about different aspects of my life. Recently, I’ve overloaded myself with tasks, action items and information that I couldn’t think straight on some different steps. With listening to at least a podcast a day, reading several blogs and news sites every day, I was losing my will to read consistently.

When I thought of my first book to get with my Prime membership, it didn’t take long to choose The Hunger Games. After seeing the movie when it came out in 2012, I thought, that would be an excellent book to read. Both of my sister-in-laws read the series, and said it was great. My brother read it, and said he finished it in about 2 days. I knew it wouldn’t take long, would be something to read at night or over a weekend, and would be entertaining. I never bought the book, nor head to the library to grab it, but I’m glad I finally was able to read it.

It’s a great fiction book, and I made it last about 4 days. I read it for 3 nights before sitting down and plowing through 2/3rds or the book this past Saturday morning. Only problem now is that I want to read the other two! Thankfully, one of the ladies at work has the set for her boys, so she promised to bring them in for me. Maybe I should get on reading Michael Hyatt’s Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World at this point in time like I wanted to, and save the second Hunger Games book for another rainy weekend.

Either way, I’m just glad that I spent some time away from learning for a change, but didn’t waste another Saturday morning in front of Netflix. Though it was just for fun, I’d rather read a good book than feel like I’ve wasted my time watching another episode, or more often, half a season, of some series I’ve been told is amazing and why haven’t I started it yet. A good book does wonders for the mind and soul.

If you’re interested, you can get your free 30 day trial for Amazon Prime by clicking that link. Please note, all links in this post are affiliate links through Amazon.com. Though I will earn a commission if you choose to buy, it will not increase any costs for you.

Question: What good fiction books have you read recently? What’s your favorite book to go back and reread?

Why I’m Reading the Hunger Games

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