As I continue to work on my blog throughout this week, I kept wondering, “What should I do to make this site better? Where should I focus the blog on? Where is this heading?” And I found a little help just by thinking, well, why not ask my audience?

The blog has bounced around a little bit, trying to touch on all aspects of personal growth and development I could think of. Now is your chance to help let me know what I should write about, what should be offered on here, and even the general layout of the blog.

In the comments section or contact form below, please feel free to add anything you would like to see me write about, any topics to cover, the overall general theme or layout of the blog, or any pictures you may want to see. As I continue to work hard on updating the blog, you will see these slowly take over.

The goal is that by the first of August, all of the major changes have occurred, and it is down to business as usual with posts 2-3 times a week. So get your voice in on what you want to read about, what interests you, and what keeps you motivated to check back here.

What to do, Where to go?

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