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The great thing about staying physically active is that I feel in good enough shape most anytime of the year. I don’t consider myself prepared to run a marathon any time soon, or even a half for that matter, but I still feel fit enough to play Ultimate at a relatively competitive level for the weekend.

Or run a 10K per se, even though I haven’t run a race in over 2 years.

Signed up and Ready to Rock a 10K

Which is exactly what I signed up to do a couple weeks ago. Champion the Cure has a 5K and 10K this upcoming Friday, and in support of family and friends, I signed up a couple weeks ago to run the 10K thinking, “that’s over a month away. Of course I’ll have run a few times before then. Get some quality training in, lose a couple L-B’s, look good, feel great. Yes, I’m excited!”

Fast forward through family coming into town, traveling for a wedding and two Ultimate tournaments, and I have done very little distance running. Actually, aside from twice on the treadmill going for maybe 25 minutes (not including 10 minute jogs to warm up for a workout) I went our running yesterday for the first time.

Yep, the first time I ran was yesterday since I signed up almost a month ago for a 10K race. Luckily I felt good as I pounded the pavement for 3 miles starting at an 8 minute pace and slowing down to a 9 minute split mile. Not too shabby, but I know I can do much better.

The Problem after a great 1st day Running?

The problem though is that the race is in 4 days. This isn’t like school where I can pleasantly forget about an exam or paper due, and cram my studying or work into a week and come out with a good grade (as my current 3.8 GPA for grad school shows). Instead it is like kinda knowing about building a model rocket as a kid, making a couple in a college course called “It’s Not Rocket Science,” saying you’re good to go, promptly forgetting for a couple months/years and then entering into the state contest and expecting to do well.

You may “succeed” in getting a rocket to go off the ground, as I will consider it a success even finishing the race, but it is far from being a true success. Just a pure lack of planning/training/hustle caused me to be where I am, and I know that I only have myself to blame.

Is it Really too Late?

The answer is no.

It’s not too late, not in the least bit.

I’ve been going back and forth for months saying I’m going to do a lot, including get back in shape and back into blogging. After last year’s victory of dropping 26 pounds in a little over a month, I’ve slowly climbed back up from 180 to where I weighed myself this morning coming in at 200.4 lbs (which is generous, since last night I weighed 203).

Procrastinators of the world can unite tomorrow, but I’m jump starting again yesterday. I’m going to get back into a fitness mode getting ready for the upcoming Wheelchair Rugby season, end of Ultimate season, and if I’m lucky enough, maybe even back into hockey season.

I’ll keep my progress going similar as last year, falling under what I’m going to call Tune-Up Tuesdays.

That’s also one solid day of blogging, out of 3 I want to do, but that’s for later this week when I’ll discuss the blog.

For now, I’ll just strap on my sneakers and hit the pavement again the rest of this week, rest Friday, and let you know how I stack up on Saturday. I think minimum I can break 10 minute pace, goal is 9 minute pace, and real success would be 8 minute pace without feeling like I killed myself. That’s not unrealistic, but seems just a little far for a week’s worth of training.

Tune-Up Tuesday’s 8-12-14

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