Have you ever just thought, “I’m going to do that,” planned a little bit, worked very little, and thought you could get there, only to stop somewhere along the way? Of course you have, everyone has. Human nature almost dictates that we begin certain things and do not follow through. Whether it be a dream, reading a book, a diet or even a fitness regime, everyone has some small or large coulda-woulda-shoulda’s.


I had the pleasure of going to the Agents of Change conference in Portland, ME last week and it really reinvigorated me. It made me look around at what I had planned, and hoped for, and brought me that ugly truth that I wasn’t doing it. I’ll talk more about the conference later this week, but it also brought up my thoughts on one part of my focus this past month: my health.

A few weeks ago, I got on the scale, looked over my belly, and read the numbers, and just like previous seasons and years, I did not like what I saw. In my head, I had been here before, and knew I could take the necessary steps to move forward, bring my weight back down, slim down a bit, and get in shape for the beginning of Wheelchair Rugby season.

The Best Laid Plans

The difference this time, I had the plans, but not the mindset. I didn’t commit to going to the gym multiple times a week. I didn’t commit myself to a strict diet, either Weight Watchers which worked in the past, or a detox which was painful the first 2 days, but turned out well.

I had my goal in mind, but did not take the time to work out the details, the most important part.

Another week gone by, and I didn’t even step in the gym. I didn’t even go for a run. I did go for a couple of walks, and sure I traveled, but I haven’t taken my strides with purpose. If I had set even the smallest goals, I would have worked harder to achieve them.

Baby step goals also would help me to make progress throughout the week, feeling more productive, thus making me more willing to take those next steps, go to the gym one more time, or go for a 3 mile run.

Setting the Goals

I won’t blindly keep moving forward for my fitness and health. This won’t be just kept to going to the gym and watching what I eat, but also looking at my overall health and well being. Here are the weekly goals I will set for myself to help accomplish my overall goal of weighing 180lbs.

  • Get back on Weight Watchers to actively watch what is going into my body.
  • Minimum of 3 times I need to work out, either in the gym, or outside on a run.
  • In bed by 10pm on week nights.
  • Yoga or meditate 3 times a week.
  • Average 10K steps a day every week.

With any luck, some of these small daily wins will lead to other daily wins (10K steps and running/gym), and help lead to a healthier me. All taken at once, and it should help to shed away the pounds and slim me back down.

In the long term, I am hopeful to keep these small steps moving forward to help keep my health in check once I have hit my goal of 180lbs. Weigh in this morning came in at 200lbs, so I have my work cut out for me right now.

But hey, I’ve got a wedding to plan for in the coming year, and I want to make sure I look my best for my better half.

Tune-Up Tuesday 9-30-14 : Reinvigorated

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