Woosh, how the time flies. Traveling through Vermont the past 2 weeks was a blast, but that meant I didn’t spend any time writing, which meant that I missed last weeks TUT. A small failure, but I had started this with the idea of eventually blogging more consistently more often.

Back to the Gym I Go

However, my two weeks were quite awesome, and it’s great to actually share some working out, running and even improving my golf game with you. I was able to renew my Planet Fitness membership at the $99 for a year deal, and I’m happy to have a gym to go to that’s paid for through next August.

I just have to use it more often!

I went in twice in the past two weeks, both doing more all-body type workouts I have done in the past, rather than focusing on legs or upper body. If I know I’ll only get in once or twice, I try and do something along the lines of squats/leg press, calf raise, push ups, crunches, 21-gun salute (biceps) and triceps, all in a circuit, minimum rest between.

Of course, it starts with a 10 minute warmup on the treadmill, and a 15 minute run afterwards. It’s not a lot, but at least I’m getting in some reps once a week.

Fun in the Sun

When I headed to Burlington 2 weeks ago, I arrived Tuesday night with no dinner plans, and a beautiful day ahead of me. I went for a great 3 mile run, keeping pace around 8:30. I’d like to improve that, which means I need to get out and run a little more often. I’ve toyed with the idea of running first thing in the morning, but I still need to plan my sleep schedule better before doing so.

The next day, I went and walked 9 holes of golf with our manager and customers after a full day’s work. It felt great to get out on the course, and I started to feel my swing a little better, making a few minor adjustments I finally remembered from last years lessons.

Getting back for only 2 nights, Missy and I went back out to Vermont for my division meeting held in Quechee. I was able to get out with a lot of the managers, and play two awesome rounds of scramble golf at the Quechee club. My first round spent with an awesome group of guys, and a blast of a day. We came in 2nd, with a -4.

The second day was a little more relaxed, yet even more exciting. Our 4th was unable to attend, but our threesome came out kicking with a birdie on the first hole. Everything seemed to be off to a great start, but we had no idea how well. We ended up birdie-ing every hole except the par-3’s, and came in -14 to take the best round of the day.

A well capped two days of golf, great time with the managers, meeting some new vendors, and I can’t complain at all about the trip.

Weigh In

Unfortunately, 2 weeks mostly spent on the road, and an awesome wedding this past weekend left me thinking I had a lot of ground to catch up on, and not enough working out under my belt. I’ve been trying to focus more on eating healthier, and working out more, but I just have truthfully not put forth the right effort.

This week, it continues to show as I weighed in at 201 lbs. Gaining from last week, stagnant mostly for the past month. No progress, but with what I’ve been doing, it’s not a surprise. The only thing to do is start following through with my plans.

Tune-Up Tuesday 9-23-14

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