I woke up this morning wondering why my stomach hurt so much. Then I remembered the amount of food I’ve stuffed into it over the past week, including that all too delicious poutine (french fries covered in gravy and mozzarella cheese) from yesterday’s visit to Canada. Afraid of what the scale may hold for me this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find I’d only added 2.5 lbs for a 202.5 weigh in this morning. Backward progress, but not too terrible considering my week.

Foodie All Week Long

Missy’s friend Melissa came in from Illinois this week, and that included a couple of amazing day trips, including Acadia/Bar Harbor Saturday, a day out at Kamp on Sunday, and a trip up to Canada for Labour Day (yes, we saw a Labour Day parade in St. John.)

All of these were capped with amazing and delicious foods, including eating in Thursday night, and an awesome dinner at friends Friday night after a walk in the blueberry barons. At least I got steps in Friday before the awesome snacks and dinner!

Acadia Sand Beach Hike

Missy and I overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
Missy and I overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

I was told to check out the Sand Beach hike in Acadia from my coworkers on Friday, so we headed off to hit the trails on Saturday. After experiencing holiday weekend traffic in Ellsworth, we finally made it into the park.

After parking, we started off a small trail to get to the Sand Beach parking lot, then down the steps and across a somewhat crowded beach. on the other side, we found exactly what I was hoping for, the trail heading up to give an overlook of the beach.

We started our hike, and were taken aback as every new vantage point gave way to a more beautiful view of the beach, cove and rest of the park. Eventually we ended up on the Atlantic side away from the beach, overlooking plenty of lobster buoys and traps, and a few boats milling about.

Enough hiking for us lead to the eventual stop in Bar Harbor, where we walked a bit, checked out the local shops, bought a couple trinkets, and finished off with another amazing dinner and drinks at the Bar Harbor Beerworks. I kept an eye out, but the Green Party Parade was no where to be found.

Oh, Canada!

Monday led to a day in Canada, where we walked all over St. John and St. Andrews for the day, again with plenty of stops for food and drinks along the way. It was a beautiful time, with some great views. We even got to check out the famous Reversing Falls, where the high tide comes in and changes the flow of the river back upstream.

Week Ahead

I only made it into the gym once last week, Tuesday, and that was not enough. My goal this week is three times before next Tuesday, when I head out traveling for a few days. I’m losing ground on my weight goal, but I won’t let two weeks traction get ahead of me.

This next week I’m going to refocus on what I’m putting into my body as well. That is, of course, after a farewell dinner to Melissa tonight before she leaves tomorrow. I had success with an all earth cleanse earlier this year, but don’t want to go that extreme this time around. We’ll see how that pans out.

Question: What diets or food groupings work for you to help lose weight?

Tune-Up Tuesday 9-2-14

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