Some weeks are about getting to the gym, lifting weights for more than 3 days and an hour each time. This past week was nothing like that, but I felt as though it was a good week staying in shape.

After a successful run on last Tuesday, I eased the rest of my travels out and caught up with a good buddy. Getting back on Thursday, Missy and I had people over for a wine tasting, a truly fun night in. However, there was lots of cheese and snacks for me to indulge myself on, and not a lot of walking around.

Heading out for a Hike

After another quiet night in Friday, we woke up Saturday ready for an adventure. We hadn’t been hiking in a couple months, so we headed out to Acadia National Park and figured we’d hit a trail or two we knew.

Our thought was to climb Bubble North again, but we ended up parking at Bubble Pond, which doesn’t directly connect with the trail we wanted. Our first decision was to try the Cadillac Mountain South Summit, but a quarter mile in, it proved a little too steep for our comfort.

Heading towards the Pemetic Summit at Acadia National Park
Heading towards the Pemetic Summit at Acadia National Park

Turning around and heading the other way, we found the Pemetic trail heading up the mountain. A good start warmed us up to reach the summit at 1248 feet, and some beautiful views of the pond, Cadillac mountain, and especially the Atlantic Ocean. We headed towards the Bubbles, where we originally wanted to go, but caught the road back to our car after a solid 3 hours of hiking. By the end of it, we each had over 100 flights of stairs climbed on our Fitbits.

Capping off the Weekend

A lazy Sunday stroll kept me somewhat active before Missy went into work, but I finished off strong with a 3 mile run at a 9 minute pace yesterday in the surprisingly hot, hot heat of 88 degrees.

A decently solid week, yet again mostly spent outdoors walking or running.

Goal Progress?

Weighed in this morning at 200 again, so no gain, no loss. 20 pounds away from my goal, and that first Wheelchair Rugby tournament is coming up faster than I think. 7 and a half weeks left before UNH.

Still a lot of work ahead of me, and yet again, I’m looking at some dietary changes to help get there. Nothing like the cleanse diet I did earlier this year, but just a healthier eating style. Missy keeps saying weight loss is 80% diet, 20% workout, so I might as well give it a try.

Have you been out on a hike, run or stroll recently? If so, where at? Any pictures to share?

Tune-Up Tuesday 8/26/14

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