Slow and steady wins the race. Watching what I eat, working out and running when I can, and over time I will see the results. I already feel better, and the bedtime has definitely helped that. I’ve gotten to bed earlier this past week than I have in months, making great deposits in my sleep bank.

Last Ultimate of the Season

IMG_0465.PNGThis past weekend was the majority of my activity with my last Ultimate tournament of the season. This was my 4th Clambake with a great group of guys on a fun team we like to call Those Magnificent Bastards . Saturday was a slow start, but we came away with the W in our first game nonetheless and moved on.

There are some teams that you either win against constantly, or your efforts never seem to make any difference, and you always lose. For some reason, our Maine teams rarely beat the Vermont crews, and our second game was not different at all. We fought and fought, but they kept coming up big, while we’d throw a few away, and rolled to a 1-1 start.

Luckily, a long break came next, and was exactly what we needed. By that, I mean that our next two teams decided to take the partying aspect of the tournament to the extreme by this point in the day. They weren’t alone, and our team had our fun as well, but we prevailed and won our last 2 games of the day to finish off 3-1.

As you can see to the right, I had an awesome Saturday with my steps, racking up over 21K and going over 10 miles throughout the day. This is actually on the low end for 4 games of Ultimate, but I’ll take it nonetheless.

After a great night’s rest in my own bed, I woke up and headed back down for a 10am start on Sunday, which pushed to 11am, and then ultimately we won by default when only 2 people on the opposing team were in the area for the start.

This forfeit sent us into the Semi’s against a team we’ve faced every year since I’ve been playing, and have yet to win. We played hard as a team, and I went out to get as many points in as possible. I ended up with half of my daily step count on Sunday as I did with ¼ of the games as we played on Saturday!

It was not enough though, and we lost in the semifinals. 3-2 in real games on the weekend, 4-2 officially.

The Worst Part

Let me preface by saying that I have a wonderful sister who is an amazing doctor of physical therapy. She has helped all of our family with our various problems and ailments, assigns the workload, and we get on our way.

Unfortunately, I have failed her again.

The worst part of the weekend wasn’t that we lost, it was that I ended up popping out my should a little Sunday morning. The first words out of my sisters mouth will be “Are you doing your exercises?” Not am I doing them now, which I will be, but was I doing them before it happened.

The obvious answer is no, I was not. Of all the goals set to exercise and eat healthy, get my sleep and clear my mind, the most important part of upkeep on my body doing my shoulder, knee and ankle PT exercises, I wasn’t doing.

The Changes

With that said, there need to be changes going forward after a weekend like this. I had a great weekend and happily enjoyed a sport I love. However, knowing I had 2 days of “working out,” I didn’t force myself to the gym or out on the streets for a run. I thought about it 2 days, but decided against it.

I am changing my workout goals to where if I have an Ultimate tournament or am officiating a Wheelchair Rugby tournament, I will still have to go to the gym or run 2 times that week. This forces me to focus on other aspects to get in better shape for the tournaments, a big reason why I’m trying to get into shape.

Secondly, I am also putting 3 times of PT in, with at least 2 being shoulder oriented. If I do more, great, but I have found forcing myself to try and do it every day turns into doing it for a few days, then never doing it again.

Weighing In

After not remembering last week to weigh in, I made sure that even though I was leaving at 6am this morning to weigh in. I was not disappointed, as I’m under the 200 mark officially, though by only a pound.

Sitting at 199, I can see the long road ahead to get to where I want to be if I continue to take only these small steps. I’m going to work harder with the limitations (my shoulder) that I have, and that means focusing more on my diet.

I enjoyed a delicious KFC Famous bowl Sunday after the tournament, a usual treat after burning close to 5K calories in one day, but no more. Listening to the Model Health Show, I know that I can’t keep doing that and expecting results.

I’ll continue with Weight Watchers for now, but will begin to research other options to control my weight. I’m refraining from the word diet here because I won’t be on a diet. I need to change the mindset of what I’m putting into my body and making sure that it is beneficial for me.


Tune-Up Tuesday 10-14-14

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