After today, I will have spent about 20 of the past 62 hours in the car traveling alone. My division spans from Presque Isle, ME down through Manchester, NH, up through Burlington, VT and even so far west as Saranac Lake, NY, so when I go to visit any number of my PC’s, I tend to spend a lot of time alone in the car, listening to music or Podcasts, and mostly thinking.

I think about life, the universe and everything, but rarely do I come up with the Ultimate Answer of 42. Instead, this time alone gives me an opportunity to clear my head and make decisions even if the decision is to review in another day, week or month, and explore possibilities.

Not everyone has the opportunity to travel alone like I do, but everyone needs to have some time, space and quiet to just sit back and think. Without a little down time to mull through thoughts, make decisions or let your mind wander, you can become overloaded, exhausted and burnt out.

That’s why I cherish these hours spent traveling. Not because I like being away from home, and not only because I like to explore and see new places, but to get out of the daily grind and evaluate what I’m doing, if it is right and makes me happy, and if not then how can I fix it.

So the next time you find yourself alone in a car, sitting alone on a bus, plane or train, take a few much needed moments and try and clear your head. You will feel so much more refreshed and rejuvenated once you’ve worked through whatever may be slowing you down.

Question: Where and when do you like to think and unpack all of your thoughts?

Traveling Alone can Cleanse Your Mind

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