Start ExperimentIt’s time to start! Friday, I signed up for Jon Acuff’s “adventure” and boy am I in for a treat. For the next 24 days, I along with hundreds, thousands, who really knows how many people, will be working together to build on a new risk. I am so excited for this new adventure, that I even decided to start on one of my goals a little early and crushed out 4 hours worth of reviews on my niche website (hopefully soon to debut!)

What I will Focus On

I decided to join two groups to hopefully improve my online experience, both blogging and online entrepreneurs. My plan is to pull on the groups to help give me motivation and information to help me build my blog and online presence. During the time while I’m working on these, I also plan on trying to work on other aspects of my life, including getting back up at 5 am starting this week (so I have time to work on my posts), working out consistently, eating healthier and going to church each week.

My 2 “Risks”

When everyone signed up, we were asked to determine at least one “risk” that we were going to take during the challenge. They’re not so much risks as they are goals for us to accomplish as we grow and build together.

My risk for this blog is to have 3 new posts each week consistently. My goal is to post something each Monday about probably my progress through #StartExp, Wednesdays about my health update, and then Thursdays with general story or knowledge to share.

For my online business, I am focusing on building 100 quality back links to my site to try and generate organic traffic and improve my Google rankings to increase search engine traffic. I will also try and upload a few more reviews each week to help build posts and more long tail keywords.

What I Want from You

That’s a little bossy, but I would really like to get your feedback on how everything is working. If you like the new blog format or a post, please leave a comment and even feel free to share it on Facebook, twitter or email a friend. If you think I should improve on something, leave a comment or send me an email. Most of all, just keep on this journey with me as I work through this little Start Experiment, and hopefully we will have something better at the end.

Question: If you want to focus on growing something in the next 24 days, what will it be and how are you planning on accomplishing it?

Time to Start!

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