Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and summer is unofficially over. Kids are going back to school, students back to college, temperatures are going to begin their slow decline into brisk evenings… Oh wait, Thursday’s low is 43 already?!? Can summer really be done this quickly? Can’t we have just a few more days of fun in the sun?

My summers used to be packed with running around and playing and going to camp. They always seemed to go by quickly, but I tended to jam them packed with fun. As I got older, responsibilities began to creep in more and more. In high school, band camp would occupy 2 weeks in August. Then the summer before I went to college, I went back to camp as a staff member, and was there for 8 weeks. After 3 wonderful summers, I had to hit the real world and ended up working a summer job for an HR company before my senior year.

Right after I graduated, I wasn’t sure what that summer was going to entail. I had interviewed with the company I now work for, but it wasn’t until 2 weeks after I finished that I was offered the position. Soon there after, it felt like summer was year round as I moved down to Tampa, and working through summer-esque all the time didn’t make me feel like I would miss out on anything. Missy said it best when we were talking this weekend that down in Tampa, if you missed one weekend you didn’t care much because there were 12 months of good weather. Up here, there are about 12 weeks to jam everything in.

Summer in Chicago at an outdoor festival
Summer in Chicago at an outdoor festival

This summer was no exception to trying to get everything done. We went to 4 out of state weddings (2 in Illinois, 1 in Iowa and my brothers in Pittsburgh where I was the Best Man) where we got to spend wonderful time with both of our families and friends. I had 2 Ultimate tournaments, one in Parlee Beach (Shediac, NB, Canada) and the other in Lebanon, VT. We were lucky enough to spend a week at a camp on Sebasticook Lake, which Missy now is not afraid to call her own summer home, and even got to send out summer with 2 nights back out there this weekend.

I truly have been blessed to have such a wonderful summer of activities, but I wish I would have done a little more. We only went hiking once and that was to Camden Hills State Park, but boy was that a beautiful sight. Hopefully we can get out once more before it gets too cold, but with the new house, we’ve got our plates full of other activities screaming our names.

It seems every year around this time, I realize that there was so much more I should have done, and so little I actually did. Labor Day weekend always was the last hurrah, and as I spent a good chunk at my new house doing work, I realized that summers would really never be the same. Time is now speeding by, and we’re left to chase what little time is left at the end of the day to check off lists of what we want to do, but more so of what we have to do.

I did start a bunch of new things this summer, including focusing on this blog, being part of the #StartExperiment, and also finally focusing on my health and getting it back on track through dieting and exercise. Those few goals helped shape the second half of my summer and put everything into a better perspective. I am now heading into the autumn season knowing that I can’t just sit on my hands again this year. I will have so many small projects that Missy will think up (be ready for the pictures and pins on Pintrest!) that I won’t have much time to myself. And the few precious hours I take at the beginning of the day are now packed for working online, and somewhere in the mix I have to focus on my graduate studies too, and that’s practically an afterthought right now!

Yes, it may start getting cooler, and we won’t need the air conditioner much more, if at all, but to be honest, my life won’t look too much different in the coming 12 weeks as it did in the previous ones. Maybe less shorts and t-shirts and more jeans and hoodies, but that drive to go out and do will still be there. Soon the leaves will change and I will want to go see that. The tourists pretty much all leave now, so we can head over to Bar Harbor and have a nice little hike around Jordan Pond in Acadia. Before we know it, we will be back in Tampa for yet another wedding! The summer may be over, but the year is far from done. Now’s the time to double-down on my goals and get ready for the cold and dark winters by enjoying each moment of every day, and making the most of my time.


Question: What were you able to do this summer, and what do you wish you could have done?

The Unofficial End of Summer

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