Anytime I really need to knock something out of the park, whether a day in the office, a meeting with a customer, or even just some time with friends or family, there is just something powerful about looking my best, which makes me feel my best. Something about being clean shaven, freshly  pressed pants, a nice button up and polished shoes, and I am ready to tackle the world. I can accomplish anything that day if I just take a little extra time to make myself not only presentable, but downright amazing.

I believe a lot in the power of positive thinking, and I know that certain positive actions and thoughts will help increase your mentality and get you going. Even thinking, “I look good” will help you really believe that you look good, and thus give you more confidence in whatever it is you do that day. On the flip side, putting on muddied pants, not showering, looking disheveled and chances are, you are not going to feel as greatly the ability to close on that important deal, work on the right projects, or even talk about or email the right turns of phrase.

Dressing your best is one of the first items that you do in a day, and usually sets the tone. Just like eating breakfast, or getting a good nights sleep, or having a hot shower, it can really alter your mindset for a full day in just a few short moments. On a lazy Saturday, with nothing but yardwork or cleaning to do, why not wear those dirty cleaning clothes? That sets your mindset for getting that good work done. When it comes to business though, it is important to look your best on the days you may need it.

Here are a few times when looking your best helps

  • Important business meetings
  • Client/customer visits
  • Days when you need a little boost in confidence
  • Days when you need to work hard
  • Anytime you think looking better will improve your daily outcome
  • To impress someone else
  • To impress yourself

Now that we have looked at a few times when you can look your best, don’t be afraid to add to that list. There are innumerable reasons to put that extra effort into getting ready on any single day. I urge you the next time you are getting ready, and you need to knock something out of the park, take the extra few minutes, and choose an outfit that will really help set your mindset, and give you that extra boost to set yourself up for success.

Question: Do you have a go-to outfit that will help set the tone for a day/event? What is it, and why?

The Power of Looking your Best

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