A week ago, I Started. I set some solid goals of blogging 3 times a week, and working on my niche website. After 7 days, I have written in my journal 5 of them, have stuck to my blogging, but slipped on my backlinks. However, I am much farther along now than I would have been had I not started.

This week, Jon challenged everyone in the Start Experiment to work on their lives in different ways. Every morning, we get an email with encouragement, and a small yet powerful task for the day. Over the past week I broke down my risk (goal) into a few small actionable items, started a journal to keep track of my work, started reading more blogs to give me a better overall view of what people around me were doing, wrote about my fears and then crushed them by writing about the simple truths of reality.

I was a little lax this past weekend, and did not focus on my computer. It stayed in the bag all weekend actually. Today and tomorrow I’m traveling, so I have to make great use of my precious time in the mornings and at night. I will work on my website tonight in the hotel room to get caught back up on my risks. This week is going to be a huge week for me too, which I hope to start blogging about for Thursday. I’m looking forward to a great week ahead, and I hope you are too.

Question: What risks or goals do you want to accomplish this week? What is your daily plan to do them?

#Start Week 1 Review

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2 thoughts on “#Start Week 1 Review

  1. Joshua, the Start group has been a great encouragement, huh?

    One risk I want to accomplish is to record a couple of podcast episodes. But, honestly, I’m scared to sound like an idiot during the recording.

    1. I actually was just talking with my neighbor this past weekend about recording a podcast Joseph. I am putting that on the docket to start sometime later this year, but want to focus on the blog and my niche website for now. I’m sure the podcast will be my #1 risk in the next round of the #StartExperiment.
      Thanks for reading and the comment, best of luck with your recording. Once you publish that first one, you won’t worry too much about the sound of your voice, only the quality of the recording.

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