Snow, Snow, Go Away!
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And here we are again, with snow on the way. You can’t tell, but Bangor is somewhere between the light purple, and the pink, meaning anywhere from 8-24″ predicted in the area. Let’s just say I’m glad that the shovel isn’t put away just yet.

It seemed like just 2 days ago I was excited that Spring had finally arrived, and that Winter was finally over. Ugh, it’s difficult not to say winter even with a little bit of sarcasm. It just does not want to leave us alone this year.

I have to be honest, I’m not too upset that we’re getting possibly 2 feet of snow tonight and into tomorrow. I’m more upset that my dodgeball league tonight will be cancelled. Though my shoulder hurts for a couple days after, I enjoy getting out of the house and whipping small foam balls at people. Call it what you want, but I like to think of it as a release of built up pressure. Since I stopped playing contact hockey, I’ve needed to find something to fill that gap. Maybe it’s time I buy a punching bag for the basement…

Snow, Snow, Go Away!

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