In the last couple of weeks, “Smiling is Free” has seemed to pop up more often than not. On our flight back from Pittsburgh two weekends ago, the flight attendant said, “I might not be able to get you much right now, but remember, smiling is free!” To that, she must have gotten at least a third of the people boarding to smile. It made our flight so much more enjoyable and lighthearted.

From there, I said it a couple of times, and truly meant it. As a typically happy and positive person, this could practically become my mantra. In times of doubt, pain, uneasiness or just down on myself, I usually quickly reverse those with a full mouthed smile. Teeth and all are beaming when I smile, even if it is just a motion to uplift my attitude.

Today, my day seemed to be dragging. Earlier this week, I ended up spending 19 of 60 hours in a car. I was running a little ragged, lots of work to catch up on. I went for a walk during my lunch break, and though it helped, I still felt sluggishness overcome me around 2pm. Some days I grab a snack, others I let it overcome me for a few minutes here or there. Today, I reached and grabbed a piece of Dove dark chocolate, and this was on the wrapper.


And it truly made me smile. It made my afternoon. It was such an amazing feeling to have something so simple overtake my attitude. I buckled down, got to working, and made headway on some phone calls. And it didn’t cost me a thing.

I guess smiling really is free.

“Smiling is Free”

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2 thoughts on ““Smiling is Free”

  1. Thank you for this priceless information! I find that, besides helping other people, a deliberately smile is a great way to get myself in a good mood. It’s especially helpful if my mood isn’t as good as I want : )

    1. Thanks for the comment Joe. I couldn’t agree more with smiling to not only make those around me feel a little better, but especially myself. Smiling just always puts me in a good mood, and it tends to help put those around us in better moods too.

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