2013 Bangor Ultimate Frisbee Summer League Logo
2013 Bangor Ultimate Frisbee Summer League Logo

Building this years Bangor Summer League for Ultimate Frisbee has been a little nerve wracking to say the least, but I am learning a great lesson in patience. Oh yeah, and the importance of a budget. And then remembering that a first time budget never works out properly, so I should have under-valued income, and over-valued expenses.

But hey, it is working out a lot better now that we have had 2 weeks of pick-up Ultimate under our belts. The season is set to start next week, and the draft will be commencing on Monday. Today I am finalizing a few details, and working on trying to get those last few registrants to sign up before Sunday, to have a great draft. The past two weeks have seen an increase in sign ups, which is great to see it starting to grow. We may have to start off with smaller games, maybe 5 on 5 as opposed to 7 on 7, but we will make it work for 4 teams.

So here is to the next 6 days. May they be hectic for me, yet bring the most joy to everyone playing in this years league. It is just a second year league, but I think we have made leaps and bounds over last years league, and will have a great understanding of years to come.

If you are in the Bangor area, are interested in playing and have yet to sign up, please sign up here before Sunday. Prices will increase this weekend for any late registrants.

Slow and Steady – Bangor Summer League Update

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