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The day before a big tournament, my mind is always racing. Did I practice hard enough? Did I condition properly? How are my throws? What’s the weather going to be like? Will I get enough playing time? Will I get too much playing time and cramp up by the end of the first day?

Tomorrow is the biggest tournament of our year, Sectionals. It determines whether or not we will be able to go on to Regionals later this month, progressing our way towards Nationals. We have an awesome team this year, and some great chemistry that has been years in the making, so this year I feel pretty confident that we will do well this weekend, and give Blackfly another Regionals bid.

Nationals has 16 bids, spread across 8 different regions. Our region, Northeast (NE) has 5 bids, the most out of any other region. We received our two autobids, but due to the size and strength of our region, we also received 3 of the 4 remaining strength bids this year. Of the 16 bids to go to Regionals, our section, East Northeast (ENE) has 9 total bids, 2 automatic, and 7 that we are playing for this weekend. 14 teams competing for 7 bids.

Currently, we’re ranked 5th out of the 14 playing for bids. It will be along weekend ahead, lots of great competition, and we will have to play hard to win. I’m excited for the weekend, and can’t wait to get out on the field. Regardless of all the questions that are running through my head this morning, the only thing that matters now is 8am tomorrow morning, when we begin our warmups.


If you want to follow along with the action, you can check out the score reporter which should be updated throughout the weekend.

Sectionals Weekend

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