Missy said that sometimes, I go from one extreme or the other just earlier this week. I couldn’t deny it, I’m usually either full throttle, or I am in relaxation mode because I need a day of R&R (rest and relaxation) from going full tilt for too long. In a funny way, it really is a notion that is apparent and constantly visible throughout most of my life.

I decided last summer that I wanted to start blogging, and halfheartedly started, only get energized and pick up in August. I promptly started taking courses to get my MBA at the University of Maine, and that slowed my progress, but I was not to be deterred. Ultimately, with buying a home, traveling for weddings, wheelchair rugby, Ultimate, trying to build another website to generate a passive income, and work, this blog went to the back burner until I gained a little more time. I figured it’d be a couple weeks, and then I would be back on the horse, finishing the year out strong. I even came up with a ton of new blog post ideas during that time, always thinking, “this is the blog post to start me back blogging!”

Inevitably, I did not put more time towards this, and it continued to lag behind everything else I put before it in life. The majority of the last 5 weeks of each year, and the first 3 of January tend to be my busiest time of the year with work. I am scrambling to collect as much money and/or secure our assets before final write-offs and reserves happen the third week of January. What ends up on that list comes directly out of the potential for profit sharing of all the employees in my division. Though I was able to reduce it by over 50% from the beginning of December, the numbers unfortunately were much higher than anticipated, due to the increased risk we are taking. Part of the business, but it makes for a little more stress than I would like to deal with.

Getting Back on the Horse

The view out our backdoor, a fresh start for the new year.
The view out our backdoor, a fresh start for the new year.

And then, after final write-offs and reserves are completed, I can breath a little easier, and refocus and energize for the months ahead. Last year that breather was longer than it should have been, and this year I decided it was important to get back on the horse quicker. I took a work trip into New Hampshire to visit three PC’s, and though it was not work intense, it got my mind back into gear. I already have two more trips planned for this month, out to Burlington and down to Portland, spending another five days outside the office, and with my day out earlier this week, I will hit my goal of six days out of the office this month.

On top of working harder this year, I decided to get back towards my goal of creating an online business for passive income. Though I haven’t reaped many benefits yet, it is still early, and all in all, I’ve put 7 new pieces of content on two different sites. One is prepared for link building, and the other needs about 5 more pieces of content before I will feel comfortable putting it out there. My goal this year is to be making at least $500 a month in online income by the time my birthday roles around at the beginning of July. That means a lot of work lies ahead, but I am gearing up for the challenge.

Extremes in Health and Fitness

Lastly, I’m moving to a great extreme to get back into better shape. After dropping 26 pounds from a high weight of 210 pounds at the end of July, 2013, I ended up packing 10 lbs back on over the course of the holiday season. I stopped working out, and without Ultimate and only three Wheelchair Rugby tournaments this season, I didn’t have much reason to stay in shape. Last Saturday, I decided to start a 7 day detox diet, eating only vegetables, fruits, brown rice, beans and nuts. Pretty much as healthy as you can get, and I told Missy I was going to be Vegan for a week. She was skeptical, but supportive, and was surprised that I’ve actually been able to do everything as long as I have been able to.

I started back at the gym last week, and am working on sprinting to build up a better endurance for the Ultimate season ahead. I weighed myself this morning, and I lost those 10 pesky pounds, and I’m back down to 185. I told Missy first thing I am going to eat on Saturday is a sleeve of crackers and cheese, but I think I actually may slowly reintroduce some of those foods back into my diet, and maybe even cut back on a lot of the junk and fast food I was eating.

So What Now?

Maybe I do go from one extreme to the other, and little time or reasoning why I have switched so quickly. Maybe I will flame out, stop doing anything online and start eating junk food too often, and who knows if that happens next week or next year. I do think that I am focusing a little more clearly on what I want, and rebranding this blog is going to have a big part in that. It will still be Learning Me, but will now focus more on personal growth and navigating the trials and tribulations that I face in everyday life. I am researching doing a podcast, and will consider doing a bi-weekly podcast starting sometime this spring, bringing an actual voice to the blog.

This can’t be done without some hard work and dedication, but I know that at some point in time, it will be a benefit for people other than myself. I’m excited to keep traveling down this road of growth and learning, coming back on from the R&R exit that sidetracked me. If you have any suggestions, send me an email or reach out on Facebook or Twitter. I am always open to hear what interests everyone, and hopefully can shed some light on whatever questions you may have.

One Extreme or Another

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2 thoughts on “One Extreme or Another

  1. Josh – OMG! You are an EXELLENT writer!! I’ll have to keep up a bit more with your blog, too. Maybe I’ll start my own – eventually. I am doing web info and meta-tags for my brother’s boss now.

    1. Thank you so much Aimee! I appreciate the kind words, and I hope that you do follow through and start your own. It’s important to be able to have an outlet sometimes. Hope Tampa’s treating you great!

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