Some days, you just need to Man Up, or in the case of the female gender, WoMan Up, or step down. For the purpose of this post, and the fact that I am a male, I will just use Man Up throughout the post, but know that I am including all of you ladies out there too. To be honest, some days you women man up much better than I do! But what exactly does “Man Up” mean?

Even since I was a kid, I could remember hearing “Man Up” or “Be a Man” or some variation of that throughout my life. That meant a variety of things, from don’t cry, to do the right thing, to apologize, to even just standing my ground. It was a direct challenge, and sometimes even a threat. Thankfully I was never confronted to that extreme and had to take violent action, but sometimes there were still tense situations.

As a hockey player, and Ultimate player, this meant digging deep, getting the last play behind you, and giving your all on the next shift or point. Or defending a teammate through an altercation.

As a son, I was told to use my head, be a true man, and admit my mistakes and conquer my fears.

As a boyfriend, it has made me admit my shortcomings, learn from my past and move on from it, something that still continues to be difficult from time to time.

As an employee, it means getting to the bottom of a situation, realizing if you’re right or wrong, and sometimes being the bigger man. That may have been through either proving I was right, or admitting I was wrong.

That’s the stepping down part. Not every disagreement is an argument. Sometimes, you have to realize you need to step down, and think long term. Was it really worth it to argue, bicker, fight or hold a grudge for something? Sometimes stepping down is the most mature and manliest thing you can do.

Don’t lose that from your arsenal. Use it wisely, but remember, sometimes you really do need to just Man Up.


Question: What have you done to (Wo)Man Up recently?

(Wo)Man Up, or Step Down

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2 thoughts on “(Wo)Man Up, or Step Down

  1. I’m happy to have read this, due to the fact that my day yesterday I made this same decision..manning up and stepping back. Our visit yesterday at the end brought my thoughts back to my job in Tampa and the importance it held and how there was no time for the “small stuff” because a conversation was had with me yesterday about how hangers should be organized and when I should answer the phone. I was boiling, because one, micromanaging has never worked for me and two, a year ago I would have been choked if I ever would have coached any team in the sense of “hangers and phones”, but I’ve reminded myself New England has a very different way of running business and getting mad wasn’t worth it because I have bigger fish to fry outside of work.

    1. Missy Page – We are so very proud of you, and all that you have accomplished in your young life. You take the serious things serious, but make living, and being around you, so much fun. You are focused, and driven. Not many people could accomplish all that you have accomplished. Continue to influence others while they are watching. It doesn’t go unnoticed!

      Joshua – Loved the message today. Remember BS doesn’t mean BS. It means -Be Strong!

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