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Sometimes I am awful at keeping in touch with friends and family members. Sure, I remember to call my mother every week, but I don’t always focus on the other extremely important relationships I have, and those often are the ones with my friends. This past weekend, I received a phone call from one of my best friends with a few words of encouragement. He was on his way to see the Penguins play the last game against the Senators, but he wanted to let me know he appreciated my writing. I will admit, with my schedule, writing the blog took a back burner the last two weeks, and I knew I wanted to start back up again this week, but man what a shot of adrenaline that gave me. How much easier it was for me yesterday to sit on that plane, type up a post about customer service, and then keep that momentum going into today. And yesterday happened to be my biggest day for visits so far on the blog, so that was even more of a boost of confidence. I’m rip-rocking ready to go this morning, all because of a few quick words of encouragement. The phone call didn’t even last 3 minutes, but we easily forget the impact keeping in touch can have on us, and the energy we can gain from it.


I make every excuse there is in the book to catch up with friends later. I’m busy now, but can we talk in an hour? Oh, by the way, I just forgot, it is now 4 hours later, after 9pm, and we’re both getting ready for bed, so let’s do this tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes and goes. And the next day, and the next, and you get my point. But when I do finally get around to talking with someone, that 10 minute conversation may turn into 3 hours, because it is such a life enhancing talk. I end that phone call, feeling so refreshed and energized, that in one foul swoop, I want to call all of my close friends that night. And then I get into the mindset again, “Oh, I’ll call so-and-so tomorrow, and then my brother the next day, and then another friends the day after that, and rotate back and forth between family and friends to keep a good rotation going.” The best laid plans of mice and men, and I always seem to fail.


But is it really failure? Do I really not count that even talking with one friend is a huge success? Living 800+ miles away from family, my closest friends, relatives and the likes, any time I can talk and catch up with someone definitely is a success. I just set the bar low because I haven’t made that a priority in life. Going forward though, it it time to set the bar high again. It is time to make these relationships as important as they used to be. Sure, I may not be doing exactly what I was doing when these relationships flourished (no more late night games of Age of Empires II until 3 am, or all night in a basement with close friends) but that just means it is time to improve these relationships to what they really are: a source of life giving encouragement, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and a perpetual friend that is there for me whenever I need them, and someone I will always be there for whenever they need me.


Question: Who do you want to keep in touch with in the month of June better than previously this year, and how do you plan on doing that?


Keeping in Touch

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