This past weekend, I played with my Ultimate team, Blackfly, in a tournament over in Vermont. We had a good time, but overall, I came away a little defeated. We went into the tournament ranked #2 overall, and after the first two games of the weekend, we seemed to be on the right track. However, we ended up losing the last two games of pool play on Saturday, to put us into the play-in for the championship bracket.

Unfortunately, we lost our first game of Sunday, which put us in the games to play for 9th. We did end up winning our last two games of the weekend to take 9th place, and ended on a great note winning both games decisively. Early on in the first day though, one of my teammates, Tim, made a great comment after we got a point on a questionable throw. He said, “It’s not how, it’s how many.” Meaning, it doesn’t matter how we scored, if we made all the right decisions and if we were 100% perfect getting to the end zone, but it matters that we got the score.

And that’s the important part. Our outcomes outweigh the paths we take, and that is what not only we focus on, but what our teammates, competitors, spectators, friends, enemies, everyone focuses on. When I look back on that weekend, maybe this week, or next month, or in 10 years, I may not remember most of the specifics, but I will have a higher possibility of remembering the outcome of the weekend, and that we went 4-3.

In business, we don’t always remember all of the steps we take to complete a project or task, but we do know that we completed it or not. People will ask us about specifics, and we will be able to recall the highlights, the low lights, the long days and the longer nights. But the biggest part that matters is the fact that the project, task, or even point in a game is finished.

Don’t worry if it’s your best work or your worst work. 80% and out in the world is better than 100% perfect and stuck in your head. Go ahead and move forward, put your best effort out there, and see what can come of it.

Question: What have you recently accomplished? What do you hope to accomplish soon?

It’s not “How,” it’s “How Many?”

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