Another MondayIt’s another Monday morning, and you are sitting at your desk, breakfast table, on the train, or somewhere probably other than your bed. You’re probably wishing right now that it was your bed, because it’s nice and comfortable, warm and gives you every opportunity to catch up on that sleep you promised to this past weekend but just didn’t.

You’re wondering something along the lines of “why this again? Is it worth it to get up and do this job, project, or life draining task again today?”

These are the times of doubt and remorse you must get through. If you really think your job is bloodsucking your life away from you, maybe it is time to start looking for a different company, different job, different career path. But if you are happy the majority of the time at your work, then that’s not necessarily the deep end you must run off.

Your week can start off on one of three notes: Negative, Indifference, or Positive.

Your first thoughts of the day, that first conversation you have, the music you’re listening to, that blog post you just read. You can start off the whole week on a positive note, a negative note, or an indifferent note and see what happens.

I’ve started many a days off of indifference or negativity and let my surroundings take me down those paths. Those are difficult days to get through, and I tend to be very grouchy, guarded and tend not to trust people.

Yet I have woken up and spent at least 10 times more days thinking that that day/week/month/year is going to rock.   Just on Saturday, March 1st, when I woke up at 5am to get into my car and drive 4 hours to spend about 6 hours in one of our locations, and then 4 hours back, I could have just woken up and said, “welp, there goes the weekend.” Or the day, month, heck even the rest of the year.

Instead, I woke up, thanked God for being able to wake up, having a career that gives me more than I need in life right now, and the opportunity to help out someone in need. Besides, I had just downloaded a ton of podcasts from Amy Porterfield, and wanted to listen to them. I spent 8 hours in the car, 3 of which listening to many podcasts, 3 of which were spent listening to music, but the other two I caught up again with my mother on the phone. I wouldn’t have been that productive given another day to stay at home, and I wasn’t yesterday. Sunday, I took the entire day  off and relaxed. It felt good, and necessary, because we all need a day of R&R (rest and relaxation).

But when I woke up this morning, I was ready to tackle the morning. From a solid morning, I knew I was ready to take care of this Monday. And moving forward, I knew this week was going to be a great week ahead. Get through those difficult first few hours of a Monday, start them off on a positive note, and see how the rest of your day and week change.

It’s Another Monday. Or Is It?

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One thought on “It’s Another Monday. Or Is It?

  1. Monday is just another day. Although I’m usually a lot more tired on Monday’s than any other day because I play more during the weekends. I wake up every morning grateful to be awake, then think of all the great things I have in my life. I go for a quick hike in the morning, write or a do a variety of things, but I tend to keep a quiet and peaceful morning, which sets a great tone for the day. If I catch the morning news I do it before I leave work, not the first thing. The way I look at it is that it takes the same amount of energy to create positive thoughts as it does negative. To me I rather spend them on positive.

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