Recently, Pat Flynn posted a blog post about when some of his closest friends, confidants and allies said that what he wanted to do was “stupid.” You can read about it at Ultimately, Pat talks about how making the decision to incorporate small information about himself into his podcasts has helped him to create a bond with his readers, and it has done just that.

There are over a hundred people that have already commented on the posts within a few hours of Pat publishing that post. Pat simply asked people to share something about themselves so that he can get to know more of his audience, and I can bet that he will read every single comment on the blog. He just seems to reach out and connect with people flawlessly, and knows how to get that interaction. I was compelled to write my own, and here it is:

“Awesome post Pat. Something that resonated with me was the same situation you found yourself in with Jean: I too played the trumpet in marching band. When I heard you say that, I thought it was so amazing that a “band geek” could have such a following and online presence, I knew that I could too. I just have to put in the hard work like you have, and not expect the overnight success either.

However, my one thing about me I’d like to share is that I attended a camp for 7 years, then was a camp counselor for three at Sheldon Calvary Camp in Conneaut, OH. Two of those years, I was on the archery staff, and was able to get my Silver Bowman, which is 100 points from 40 yards away with a recurve bow. Camp was my getaway, year after year, and always has and always mean the world to me. It helped shaped who I am, and focus on who I truly want to become as I continue to grow in life.”

I’ve talked about Camp on here, and how it has been a guiding force in my life. I may have even mentioned my years playing trumpet, or that awesome year I got to be Drum Major with my now awesome friend Katie. However, the crazy thing is that there are hundreds of people that I don’t know, have never heard about me or known I even existed, that now I’ve shared some of the most memorable times in my life with.

Pat puts his trust out there for all of us to do with it as we please. He’s had some problems recently with people violating his trust and using his image or brand for their personal gain without his approval, but it won’t stop him. He knows that if he stops putting himself out there, he’ll lose that connection with his audience. Small moments like these, help bring him back to that base, back to the true reason why he continues to blog, post podcasts and take videos to help everyone out there that he can reach.

I haven’t posted in weeks, and sure, there are reasons, but they are all excuses for why I have not. Sometimes, it just takes a kick in the butt to get back in gear, and reading that post was exactly what I needed. What Pat has built has taken a lot of effort, time, patience, and dedication to get to where he is at. I’m still focusing on the start of my journey, and there are many bumps along the way. I just hope that moving forward, I can bring more of a personal flare into my work the same as Pat has.

How I Want to Interact

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  1. Great post! It’s scary to share about yourself but we do that in person with people that are becoming our acquaintances or friends, so why not with the ones we connect with via the computer screen. Can’t wait to see where your journey takes you!

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