In business, it is important to remember to hire the right people for the right job. If you fail to hire the right person, you will end up wasting more time, losing money, and creating extra headaches for yourself. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time, resources or patience to hire the perfect person for their opening, and often times wait until the very last second to make a hire. This will only lead to poor results.

The Mirror Game

When you wait until you cannot go one single day more without an extra employee, you run the risk of playing the mirror game. What’s the mirror game? It is an easy exercise that you or I should have no problem passing with flying colors. It’s very simple, and only requires one item other than your potential new hire, and you guessed it, a mirror. Simply take the mirror, put it up to the applicants mouth and see if a thin film of fog appears on the mirror. If it does, they are alive and will be able to fill your position. If it doesn’t, well, prepare for the apocalypse and do not hire the undead. *Note* This doesn’t always work well in hot climates, so do not assume that everyone down in Florida is a zombie. There is just a higher average age, and you shouldn’t be discouraged hiring a qualified employee.

Why the Mirror Game doesn’t work

Can you see the large flaw in trying to hire someone with a mirror? Of course! We did not discuss anything about their previous experiences, abilities, habits, personality, work ethic, appearance, NOTHING! Yet so often, because we are trying to fill a need or want, we fail to remember that we are building a team of employees. Your team is a direct result of your hiring, and also of your firing.

A team will win or lose

Building a team is vital for your business, and just like in sports, a team can either win, or it can lose. You may have a star salesperson, your “captain” so to speak, but if your customer service or warehouse employees, your “goalies” so to speak, are not up to par, they will let the bad in. This not only weighs on the sales and profitability of the business, but it also weighs down on the other members of the team. If team members see someone slacking and not being punished, they will being to wonder why they are doing so much more work, and not being rewarded better than someone who doesn’t. Pretty soon, if enough losses start stacking up, just like in professional sports, someone will be looking for a new “coach” to take over the team, make the necessary adjustments, and start building a winning culture.

Put me in coach! I’m ready to play!

Since the beginning of the Great Recession hit starting even in 2007, the job market has been flooded with free and capable potential employees in almost all fields. Though some may have gotten discouraged, and others have been out of work for years now, there are still plenty of willing applicants to fill almost every position. Take the time in the interviewing process to find the best fit to fill your needs, not just the most available person filling out an application.

If you slow the process down, and interview someone more than 2 times for a position, you will get a better feeling if they will mesh with your team, and their abilities to help your business succeed and grow. By taking the time now, and hiring the right person, you will be best prepared for that uptick in business than if you would have to fire them because they don’t work out, or they quit because they don’t fit well. Then you’ve doubled your precious time commitments in trying to find another person, and you’re taking away from potential sales.

Question: How long of an interviewing process do you think is the ample time to sort through and find a great fill for your company? If you’re a potential employee, how long do you think is enough to see if that company is the right fit for you?

Hiring the Right People for the Right Job

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