In July of 1998, I spent my first full week at camp in Conneaut, OH. I ended up being a camper there for 7 years, and then was a counselor for 3 years, and it was truly one of the best experiences in my life. Some of my favorite memories are from camp, and some of the best people I have ever met were at camp. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

This past weekend, I have been given an excellent opportunity to spend a week at a different kind of camp on Sebasticook Lake in Maine. Though it is a “working staycation,” (I am only 3 minutes from work, so I will be going into work all week) this will be an excellent week to re-energize my batteries and relax. Though I may not have the MAC Hall, 22 cabins, archery or even a chapel overlooking Lake Erie, I can’t help but find the similarities in how refreshing and invigorating I feel, even after less than 24 hours here.

For the rest of the week, the theme of my blogging will be based upon experiences and lessons that I learned from Camp. Though some summers I may have only spent a week, others two weeks, and a few 2 months, I would always come home feeling better, thinking more, and being more appreciative of what I had. The few precious days I had at camp were always jam-packed with people and experiences, and I always came to appreciate the growth that I would have year in and year out.

The previous summer spent at camp would always keep me going throughout the year, no matter how far away June seemed to be. The first few weeks after I would return home from camp were a great reminder of life outside of camp, and acclimating myself back to reality was pretty easy. Come January, I couldn’t wait for registration for the next summer in February. I would sing camp songs, and look at pictures taken, and await for that Sunday morning drive up to camp. There I would stand in line for registration, waiting to see what cabin I was in, who my counselor was, and who my cabin mates were going to be. Year round would go the cycle, at camp, home from camp and crazy fun, missing camp extremely in the winter, registration for camp and excitement leading up to camp, and then back at camp.

As I experienced again yesterday moving into my camp for the next week, I can’t wait for everything the rest of this week has to offer. I decided that I needed to get up early every day to fully appreciate my daily activities, even if it simply reading a book on the porch overlooking the lake, or reminiscing about a place hundreds of miles away that still means so much to me.

I look forward to sharing a few of the life lessons that I learned at camp, and how they have helped to shape who I was back then, and who I have become over the years. Hopefully, with any luck, you will be willing to share your camp stories and experiences with me too through this week. Feel free to leave comments throughout the week.

Greetings from Camp!

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