Boating back in 2011
Boating back in 2011

After a hectic first half of the year, Missy and I decided it was time to get our health back on the right track. Starting in May, our lives became just a little too hectic to ensure we were eating right and exercising enough, myself especially. From the beginning of May to last week, I ended up gaining 15 pounds, and I am done looking at the scale being over 200 pounds.

The Dreaded D-word: Dieting

We had been talking about dieting for quite some time, including a detox diet that, to be fully honest, I would not have succeeded in. I am the type of guy that believes working out will do more good to me than changing my dieting plan. Plus, when I’m hungry, I snack. Dieting seemed to be out of the question.

But after getting back from Chicago last weekend, our 4th wedding in only 9 weekends, I hopped on the scale and saw my highest weight recorded to date: 210. I couldn’t believe it. How had I gotten here? What had I done to deserve this? Well, truth be told, it wasn’t one huge meal that was doing it to me, it was all of the snacking and little meals, and extras during most meals that brought me here.

So we decided to start following the Weight Watchers plan, and Missy even bought the little calculator to see how many points each food item was worth. This seemed like a good solution, so she told me just to keep track of everything I ate during the day and we would be able to calculate the points when I got home.

The problem I didn’t foresee coming was the fact that Missy figured I would eat a lot more. History showed that I did, so I probably should. My mentality when keeping track of food, however, is borderline problematic. I know I have to record everything, so I end up eating way less throughout the day, which can be unhealthy.

Missy would interrogate me each night to see what I had been eating, and it was common for her to ask “is that all? Really? Are you sure? You didn’t have chips, or crackers, or cheese, or a whole cheesecake?” Okay, the cheesecake thing wasn’t really a question, but that’s what I kept thinking I was hearing. It got to the point that I thought it would always be this way, and if it was going to be, then I was not going to succeed. Berating me is not the best motivator, and thinking I’m lying is the fastest way to get me to stop caring.

After a wonderful conversation with (read:yelling at) Missy about how it wasn’t helping, we were able to quickly move on and actually begin working as a team to fulfill our dieting goals. It has also helped greatly that I get 44 points a day, plus the slush fund each week, but the first few days were torture. I was always hungry, and never felt like I had a full meal. Switch to the past two nights, and I have felt so full when going to bed, I actually wake up not hungry. The kicker is, I have even been slightly under my points these two days.

Hitting the Gym: Exercising

The other part that I think works best for me is hitting the gym. I didn’t go much last week, but I did have my summer league Ultimate on Wednesday, and a team practice on Sunday before our tournament this weekend. Both times I had a great workout, with some additional running added to the mix.

This week I went to the gym both Monday and Tuesday, and tonight is the league final and my team, TMNT, is facing off against Redrum in the consolation game. Thursday and Friday I will take it a little easier, but still trying to reach my 10,000 daily steps in preparation for our tournament this weekend in Vermont. Saturday and Sunday combined I will most likely break 40,000 steps playing 6-8 games.

Because of the gym, my head gets cleared each day, I feel so much more energized, and I even ran my first sub-7:00 minute mile in I can’t remember how long. These are great days for me, and my goal is to get back to where I was right before I left Tampa, sitting between 170-175lbs, flat stomach, high endurance, all before Sectionals in September. I have 8 weeks to get there, and I’m already on the right track because this morning, I clocked in at 201.

Question: Have you tried to get back into shape this year, or planning on it? What steps have/are you taking and what goals do you currently have?

Getting my Health Back on Track

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5 thoughts on “Getting my Health Back on Track

    1. Thanks so much Laura! I’m trying to improve the blog little by little, so if there’s anything more you think would look better or anything you want to read about, just let me know!

  1. A good piece of advice is “you can’t outwork a bad diet”. No matter how much you work out, it needs to be combined with smart food choices if you hope to lose weight. I, for example, love eating unhealthy fastfood. Thankfully I lift so much that I’m in pretty good shape, but I sometimes wonder how much better my body would perform if I wasn’t eating a sodium-laden breakfast sandwich every morning.

    1. I think we all enjoy a little too much unhealthy food Kahn. Thankfully we also love being active, so it does even out a little bit. Since I started really watching what I’ve eaten, and reduced the amount of bad foods, I can really feel a difference now. Sectionals is only 7 weeks away, so I gotta get moving fast! Best keep in mind the dieting is more important for the quick losses.

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