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I started listening and reading Pat Flynn at about creating niche websites to build a passive income. Pat has a ton of information, including blog posts, podcasts and youtube videos relating on building a successful niche website and creating a stream of passive income to supplement your career income.

This has prompted me to take the first steps in creating at least one, if not possibly a few niche websites to build my income, and help pay down debt and save for any future purchases. I am having some difficulty getting started, but I am finally deciding to take the necessary first steps in building a new niche website to hopefully help others.

Pat is working on his Niche Site Duel 2.0, a second round of building a niche website from scratch, ranking it number one in Google, and creating a new revenue stream of passive income from the site to not only pay for itself, but increase his income as well. I am following his path and instructions, but am deciding against finding the niche that will make me the most passive income, and instead work on a passion first to help at least one person out there, if not being able to help hundreds, thousands, and who knows, maybe millions one day.

As a referee for Wheelchair Rugby, I am deciding to build a website on sports for the disabled. I want to give anyone that has a disability the opportunity to look at all sports available, teach them the basics of the games, possibly give some advanced tactics through guest posts, and just in general give them more information to help them become more active. My 3 years with the USQRA has taught me a lot about the willpower of the men and women out there, and their ability to not only want to be normal, but lead normal lives just the same as an AB (Able Body).

I hope to keep everyone here updated as I progress, and hope to help others in their quest of finding a sport that best fits their abilities and needs. If you have any possible leads or help that can help me create content or build the website for this endeavor, please do not hesitate to contact me at, or leave a comment below. Please also share with your friends that could help, as I want this to be more of a community than just an informational website.

Creating a Niche Website on Sports for the Disabled

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