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I have been tasked, well really I bullishly took over, organizing the second year of Bangor’s Ultimate Frisbee Summer League. You can find the information at queencityultimate.devhub.com to see what it is all about. To say the least, it has been a trying couple of months getting everything prepared, purchasing discs and jerseys, but most importantly, it has been the most difficult getting people to sign up this year. I think I know why.

Last year, I was asked to help out, mostly with the finances, with the first summer league in Bangor, ME in over 5 years. New to the area, wanting to play more Ultimate, wanting to make new friends and be active in the community, I happily obliged. I took a back seat while everything was happening around me. As the league got closer, I realized we needed a lot more on hands help in getting everything rolling. Halfway through the season, I took over fully with everything involved in setting up fields, running the games, and trying to keep the season going. Luckily it was only a few weeks long, and it was the tail end of the season. Overall, a mild success.

For the 2013 league, I wanted to build on that success, and I was overly excited. It has been a long struggle getting as many people signing up as I thought would have by now, but that’s why I needed to take action. I needed to get more of the word out, and here are the steps I am taking to get this done.

  1. Post daily on the Facebook pages
  2. Email all people that I can that played last years league
  3. Contact the local news stations to see if they will publish anything prior to the league starting to generate interest
  4. Put up flyers around town
  5. Work on local sponsors from restaurants and bars

Hopefully these help. If not, it will still be a great league, just not as big as I was hoping or thinking. I will update next Friday with how everything is coming along.

If you are in the area and want to sign up, the information can be found to register at queencityultimate.devhub.com/register so go ahead and sign up!

Question: What else do you think would be a good strategy to get the word out about this upcoming league?

Bangor Ultimate Frisbee Summer League

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