I am a young Division Credit Manager for a large electrical wholesaler and I currently reside in Bangor, ME. I have had an excellent opportunity in moving from my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA to Tampa, FL, and now to Maine all with the same company. I am constantly reading and listening to books or podcasts to work on my personal development. This blog is an opportunity for me to share with you some of my knowledge, but mostly experiences, in learning how to grow and develop through life. This blog will focus on my personal development, focusing on personal finance, but also including material on managerial and leadership skills, business development, communication and relationships. My plan is to update the blog 2-3 times a week, but to get in the groove I have challenged myself to update it 5 days a week right now.

In my spare time, I play Ultimate with a local team in Bangor, ME. I am also a class B official for Wheelchair Rugby. I will also include my development in both sports, as they provide a unique insight into leadership and growth outside of the business world. This summer, I am again organizing an Ultimate Frisbee Summer League in Bangor, so keep up with our progress in the coming weeks. The league information can be found at http://queencityultimate.devhub.com

You can email any questions, comments, concerns, helpful tips, topics you wish discussed or general feedback to me at joshuakearnsblog@gmail.com or below.

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