Let’s just get down to brass tacks. Too many cheat days and not enough working out lead to me gaining 2 pounds this week, so I’m back up to 194. It’s a little disheartening, but I knew it was coming, especially when yesterday morning I weighed in just above 195, and thought, losing 5 pounds in a day would be very difficult and still be healthy.

What went wrong this past week?

Just another peaceful evening at Camp Run-a-Muck
Just another peaceful evening at Camp Run-a-Muck

First off, as I said, too many cheat days. With Labor Day weekend, I over ate most of the weekend, and was just not focused on what was going into my body. I had some delicious dinners, including an amazing grilled rib eye Saturday night, but the potato and shrimp salads were heavy with mayonnaise, which were both delicious, but fattening.The plus side was we did get to spend two wonderful and peaceful evenings out at Camp with excellent company.

I also didn’t exercise in the last 10 days leading up to Sectionals as I wanted to. I did do a lower body workout last week, had Ultimate practice on Saturday and then a pickup game last night, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Since we’re only 3 days away until the big weekend begins, I am taking it easy on my body so that I can be at 100% for the weekend ahead. I’ll give myself a day or two of rest, and then I will look to getting back on track with my strength training and conditioning early next week.

How I will fight to lose the last 25 pounds

I have lost over 15 pounds these past few weeks, and my pants are all looser. It’s a nice feeling, except now they look a little funny. The goal now though is not to go out and buy a bunch of pants, but lose the last 25 pounds, get back to 170, and then go buy the pants. It will be a struggle, and it will take much more dedication and strength to get there, but now is the time to do it. I have full confidence I will be below 180 by the end of September, and should be back to 170 with no problem by Halloween.

Getting back on the dieting track is the first step, because of Sectionals this weekend I won’t be working out much except overexerting myself on Saturday and Sunday. Once I get back on track with the diet, then I will work back into the gym, and set a goal of 3 times a week in the gym to focus on building muscle and burning fat. Our weekend is looking to be a fun but tough ride for a bid to Regionals, but when we make it, I will also focus another 2 days outside for more conditioning, whether that’s pickup/practice with either the team or college kids, or SNERTS or even just cutting in my backyard, I will work on something.


Question: What’s your one fitness goal for this next week, and how do you plan on accomplishing it?

9/4/13 Weekly Health Update

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    1. SNERTS is an Ultimate workout that combines a lot of situps and pushups with sprints in sets to pretty much punish the lower body into submission…

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