Another week gone in August, and September is quickly approaching, which means that Sectionals is right around the corner. The teams attending have been posted, and our team, Blackfly, is right in the middle of the competition. We have our work cut out for us since we are trying to make it to Regionals, with several beatable teams ahead of us.


I stepped up a little bit with monitoring my points during the day most of this past week, however once I get home, they seem to fly right out the window. Luckily I’ve limited my points to around 20 most days before I get home, so that’s leaving me about half of my points to use for dinner and snacks. I loaded up on Smart Ones when I found a coupon for $3 off when you buy 9, so they have been a good portioned lunch at work. Now I need to refocus on my snacks to help get me to where I want to be.


With the purchase of our new home, I didn’t step up with my exercising enough this past week. I’ve spent time going over to the house to get a few things figured out and worked on. I did renew my yearlong membership at Planet Fitness while they were doing their $99/year program, which works out great for me. I plan on doing a little more outside and Ultimate based workouts these next two weeks to get ready for Sectionals, and also to enjoy the lovely weather we’ve been having. It won’t be much longer before fall sets in, and then soon enough my outdoor exercise will be shoveling snow.

Weigh In

The moment of truth. Over the weekend I was hovering around 195, which meant that I had a good shot of losing a few pounds this week. I was especially excited to see that I am down to 192, a 3lbs loss. Since I started back 5 weeks ago, I have lost a total of 17 pounds. Not as much as I was hoping, and not at the rate I had started at, but still, almost below 190 for the first time in months, possibly even a year.

The Week Ahead

With less than 2 weeks left to get as close to 170 as possible before Sectionals, I will have to work extra hard, focus on my eating and exercising more to get there. I can probably shed 5-7 more pounds before that Saturday, but it will be tough work. It all starts today, with a balanced diet, more working out, and less beer. Luckily there is pick-up tonight, and we have a practice Saturday. Those will definitely help me with 2 days. I just need to focus on doing a few other workouts.


Question: Did you accomplish your weekly health goal, why or why not? What is your goal for this coming week?

8/28/13 Weekly Health Update

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