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Over the past couple of weeks, I decided to up my game. I finally took the next step to improve my golf game. I took lessons from a pro. Rob did an excellent job helping me fix my swing, stance, alignment and thought process when playing. If you’re looking to get lessons in the Bangor area, I highly recommend checking out Rob Jarvis at www.bangorgolfschool.com.


While going through these lessons, I not only improved my game, but I looked at how could these tips help improve my life. Here are 3 tips from my lessons, and how they can help you to better your own life.


  1. To improve, you must know what needs improving. I had no idea how poor my swing was until Rob took video that first day. My swing was coming perpendicular to the ground, all the way down my body, well past the parallel level that I should have at the end of my back swing. The good thing is that I am very flexible. The better thing? As soon as he put it on the screen, we saw an amazing start to these lessons. I have since reduced my back swing to get better power behind the ball. I had an idea my swing was bad, but until I saw exactly what I needed to improve, I could not start to have those “Eureka!” breakthrough moments. While we cannot record everything and see the points of improvement, there are plenty of other opportunities to look back on past work and find areas to improve.
  2. Align yourself to where you want to go. I have a problem of slicing the ball. I could say that it was the 21 years of hockey that I played, but in reality, my alignment was way off. My feet are pointing slightly to the right and my shoulders are pointing slightly to the left. Go ahead and get up, and put your body in that position. It feels wrong and weird, right? I could hit the ball straight once in a while, but not consistently, and that was probably just due to dumb luck. Until I lined up properly, it was difficult to hit it straight with ease and consistently. There are plenty of opportunities to align our focus, ability and understanding to easily and consistently “hit the ball straight.” If I take the extra couple of seconds and lineup the main points of my body in golf, or my mind in life, it will make my life a lot easier. A great technique is working on your “Thought Process”
  3. Learning is a process. I have and always will believe this. Things can come naturally to people, and some people are fast learners. However, learning is a whole process, from the start. The other thing is that learning never ends. Ever. I may say I know everything now about how to swing the club properly, and how to make great connection with the ball, but the fact of the matter is when I go golfing the next time, I will not magically drop 40 strokes to become a scratch golfer. If I am lucky, I will keep on the path I have in dropping a few strokes each round and become better over time. Would I love to be a scratch golfer tomorrow? Of course! But I am realistic, and know that I need to keep learning, and working on my strokes, just like everything else in my life, to get just a little better tomorrow than I was yesterday. Small incremental improvement through learning, whether through literature, podcasts, practice, or anything, is the best path to success.


Keep working hard, focus on what you want to improve, align your mind and body, and then work that process. These three little tips should help you in the long term with anything that you want to get better and succeed at. And when you see me at the driving range this summer, stop by and say hi. You will know I am killing it at practice.


Question: What are you working on in your life, and what little tips are helping you to get better?


3 Tips from the Driving Range to your Life

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